Family Therapy Services


WE offer Help, Health, and Healing through the process of therapeutic , individual and group counseling using culturally competent “Reality Therapy” with Choice Theory.

Anger Management

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Healthy Relationship

Individual & Family Counseling

Gang Prevention and Intervention

Research and real-world experience shows that the most effective way to combat gangs and gang violence is to target four (4) key areas: parents and families; home visiting; social and conflict resolution training; and mentoring. FTS currently provides comprehensive services that that integrates these focuses.

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People sometimes think that there is a stigma associated with seeking assistance through a counselor. Consequently, they ignore their need for such help. FTS offers customized one-on-one and family counseling to assist participants in combating the negative affects of their behavior.

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Therapeutic and Clinical Mentoring

· Family Crisis Intervention

· Substance Abuse Education

· Case Management

· Program Evaluation

· Life Skills Training

· Parenting Support Group

· Social Mentoring

· Tutoring


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